Brexit was about sovereignty which has a narcotic power over any citizen of a nation or any citizen of a foreign empire who dreams of giving birth (or rebirth) to their own nation. Taking back control was all about the IDEA of SOVEREIGNTY but what is the reality of sovereignty? The reality is the political elite have always done a deal with superior foreign powers in order to preserve their own status and wealth as much as possible whilst agreeing to do the bidding of the new overlords which is fundamentally to raise taxes and allow a free hand in exploitation of resources to the new overlords. The Romans invaded Britain yet were happy as always to work with the old elite in the governance and ‘farming’ of the land and populace. The new Romano-British elite invited in Angle and Saxon traders and enforcers to keep control. The Belgae were invited in to play their part. The vikings took hold of ports and took their cut. The Normans invaded with their superior weaponry and established ascendancy over all with a very Roman attitude of happy miscegenation and cultural adaptation which allowed them to become ‘native’ over time and inspire loyalty and patriotism in the farmed populace essential for raising taxes in hard times as well as providing arrow-fodder for wars and security for the ‘Lords’…

Everyone knows that USA culturally invaded UK after the war, took control of the seas and dismantled the British Empire before recolonising it in the name of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ . UK became the ’51st state of the USA’ as the punk songs go…. BUT what people are more dimly aware of is the new ‘viking pirates’ who have been invited in by the ‘Vassal Kings’ to run trade. These are the corporate and banking giants who are now more powerful than even the superpower nations letalone the the traditional ‘great power’ nations. The corporate giants are equivalent to powerful nobles in medieval times who often told the nominal king what to do. What taxes they were prepared to concede and what prices they would sell their produce for at market. Weak Kings and powerful nobles were the norms in Medieval Europe. So all our moaning about the politicians in Parliament is missing the point. We are not controlled by Parliament, neither Westminster nor Brussels nor even Washington. We are controlled by unelected financiers who don’t even live here and who bankroll the puppets in the muppet show of parliamentary politics….. everyone knows this yet everyone still wastes their political energy on the stooges instead of focusing on the masters who make the rules for the wise men and the fools… Sovereignty is the cheap cocaine of the people… meanwhile the global international swizz goes on all around you!


Roddy McDevitt

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