-p-p-p-party time

p-p-p-party-timewe’ve had a spiffing idea at Peace News
let’s have a party
let’s have a peace party
let’s have a peaceful knees-up
with an army of peacenik party-goers
packing nothing more perilous than
p-p-p-p-pop-guns and p-p-p-p-pea-shooters
and lets picture them
appropriately dressed
in pretty parkas
peace hats peace shoes
peace vests
and disarmingly peaceful knickers
and let’s have a paradisial band
playing popular songs
of innocence and experience
while pinging psychic arrows of desire
at the pacifist hepcats and hipsters
pogo-ing their way to an earthly paradise

and let’s have a peaceful blow-out
with pizzas
pasta and pesto
peace puddings peace pies
peace pastries
peace peaches
peace apples and pears
and let’s have a prize peace cake
with pink icing decorated
with eighty peace candles
and white peace poppies

and let’s be purposeful and peacefully provocative
let’s have some party-poopers
let’s invite Mr. Pres-i-dent
the Prime Minister
the Pope and a few prelates
and while we’re at it:
why not some Anglican priests
some pushy princesses
preening Prince Charles
The Queen
and a posse of prancing pantomime dames?
and what about some preposterous generals
Mr Punch and poor Judy
and several pianists performing
the Polovtsian Dances on the head of a pin?

come on!
let’s feed them to repletion too
let’s pacify them with parfait
mushy peas
pains au chocolat
and post-prandial pranks
lets ply them
with pitchers of pleasingly potent punch
let’s politely introduce them
to the proud conscientious objectors
with walking sticks and pension books
who will also be present
and to the parlous prisoners of war
who presented themselves as of right
at Peace News
and pounded on its door
The Plastic Ono Band’s party piece:
war is over
if you want it
war is over now….

yeah – let’s have a party
let’s have a party to end all parties
a party to end all wars
let’s have a peace party
a party of premonition
of prophesy
that wars will cease
when men and women refuse to fight
a party in praise
of the flight from plight to light
let’s have a party
every day and every night
a Peace News party
to prevail for evermore
Peace News party
without pain
without fear
without war

Jeff Cloves
Illustration Nick Victor


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