Peachpit Wonderbread Cartoon

it’s just another day of exquisite clarity playing in the lush aftereffects of the earth in which the horseriding ring
fooled by the sun shines like the sea

not all at once near the tumor plant lowflying microzephyrs
make the recently washed buckthorn hedges sough and see-saw and show
the meaning and the end
of these escaping homeland games past barracks where memorizing revolutionary shibboleths
like anything is possible forever
the reenactment police wash their bodycameras in rainscented soap

when the public arrives
the paradise play is going already at the end of the beach
the players are listing what they love all these boys
no police
they were us when we were kids
in the slipstream of the tumor plant a dog called sunshine
the recently watched gravedigger’s violet wanders us in unison through a coughed up sleep

i remember thinking it was about paradise
and at the end of the beach it was about to snow and though it was too dark now i remember
i would be ready to hear it anywhere whatever it does whatever it takes
i would be ready almost to know it by heart like them



Joshua Krugman






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