Philosophical fables part one – (Street Writer)


Body –

The body is a tool and it must be used if you are capable of it.

I spent 20 years of my life skateboarding and surfing and training in the arts of boxing and wrestling, weightlifting and long distance running.

If you are capable of it, it is a great start to your creative path.

When you are a part of a physical form it is a good idea to look at it as an art form.

Basically, introducing your soul into it…

When I was skating I loved the idea of finding my feet and my balance on a board in order to execute a trick as well as I could.

Finding balance in your life is a good idea.

Don’t go up too much or don’t slow down too much.

Continue to be even as you work and live and it will flow like a stream.

When I was training in boxing, wrestling, weightlifting and running it taught me strength and endurance.

Having strength and endurance is important to have… especially when you take on something more artistic like the way I write now.

Being a part of these physical forms got me ready for this writing shit.

When I was training I was using my body as tool, but also as a weapon.

Now that I am writing, my weapon and tools are my hands.

I try my best to write and read with balance, strength and with endurance.

But, don’t forget to add your soul to your form, because that is where your steeze lies and your style and originality.


Mind –

The mind can wither and I know this as a man who suffers with bipolar disorder.

But when you are young with this disease or any other you may see it as a curse.

But as you mature you will see it is a gift towards your personal life and craft.

If you want to expand your mind:

Surround yourself with the right fuel like the right books and soulful music, classical films…

And whatever art form you are a part of, make sure to be around it day and night, like the right people and whatever live events that might be going on around you.

But, when you are expanding your mind don’t turn out to be a stereotypical pompous dick and twat.

Remember: if you are like me who comes from a working class background…

Please don’t lose that, because it will give you such style and originality in your work that not even you will believe in it.

I find with most educated people that they don’t have an original thought or wow factor idea in their mind, because they are just carbon copies of the greats.

So don’t lose that in your mind or work.

And like I said with the body: make sure to add your soul as you educate your mind, because it will add your original style as you grow and develop.


Soul –

The soul is invincible.

You can’t hold it or even grab it but you know it is there.

It is what makes you feel infinite in your tasks.

And while the body and mind will decay one day, it will be your soul that will carry you on throughout your journey.

The soul never sleeps, it is always in communication with what or whatever you believe is looking over, or after you.

Use this to your advantage.

And, the soul will be a part of your art form all the way and it will never give up on you!

It is your soul that will make you unique in your works.

Get in contact with it whatever way you please.

Whether that is prayer, meditation, or even like me talking out loud.

When you do get in touch with it: you may find it in a sunset, or the wind blowing in the trees, or even talking to someone who has had a difficult life.

The soul will inspire your work in many different ways.

It may make it very real or even very surreal.

A lot of people who know nothing about art or the big questions you ask about life will ask ‘how did you come up with that idea?’

And you can’t take any credit for any of your work because…

It was already created in the sky or if you like the universe.

It was just channelled through you.

And that in itself is a blessing.

So take it and enjoy it.


Your god and beyond –

Whatever your faith is and it doesn’t matter what it is.

Believe in it throughout your process as a man or a woman, artist or non-artist.

We know what we know now, but that will change over the course of time.

For all we know now… there maybe something way beyond that.

My faith has always been in the act I was a part of.

I have read certain bibles because I was curious.

But, at one time my training and skating was my faith.

Now, my writing is my faith and reading some of the greats in philosophy and poetry and prophecy and storytelling.

As long as you are searching for truth that’s all that matters.

Everyone’s truth will be different but that’s why we are all different.

As long as it is done with love, gentleness and humility!

I am leaving these philosophical fables with a poem at the end of each one of them.

This one is called ‘Christ’s song’

I am not a religious man but… I love that one idea that all of these great prophets and philosophers came to which was: LOVE!


Christ’s song


Things will change in another hundred years

Everything I know will be obsolete

And you may be closer to the meaning

But like Christ’s story

The word of love shall not be different

At least we can drink the wine in that genius

As we crucify ourselves indefinitely

In a bad repeated song


Paul Butterfield Jr












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    1. Good words Paul.

      Comment by Tom Wiersma on 23 March, 2021 at 9:32 pm

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