Alan Dearling reports on a new band who are making musical waves.

In advance, I’d investigated the Leeds-based, plant-based band: plantfood.

I discovered some sumptuous playing joined by Sunkissed Child, India Rowland and others. Beautiful, indeed. But, I’d heard that ‘live’ they are high-end on the NRG front.

 ‘Polytunnel Sunrise’:

‘Bedtime story’:

I was kindly invited by friends, Louis S and Nicky Moore, who said: “They’re an up and coming high energy Afro Latin Jazz band. We hope they’ll get the place jumping. Do not miss this first tour; next year they’ll be playing much bigger venues.”

I went along to the gig and immediately sensed the buzz…the anticipation amongst the pumped-up audience. Much of it youngish people, all waiting to erupt, to inhabit the dance floor and the beats.

The six members of plantfood arrived on stage bathed in a red, pink, blue and purple cloud of smoke. I was well-impressed. They hit the stage at a running pace, making it their own. This was a really very lively, packed event – folk around me enthused, calling it a ‘banging’ gig. Dance/world jazzy stuff. A young band, very obviously full of energy and enthusiasm. The crowd seemed to know what to expect. The upstairs room was full, crammed in fact. If they were a sport they’d be boxing… Hitting their audience hard and fast, straight into the pit of the stomach, a left to the jaw, and then a final crunching jab…Lights on, then lights off…

As plantfood say in their own publicity, they offer, “Hard hitting grooves and energy with influences all the way from spiritual jazz to contemporary dance music.

Very recently plantfood posted on Facebook: “Today (October 28th 2022) the majority of plantfood became official graduates ! yous should all be so proud of the achievements you have made and how far yous have come ! (you too jj !).”

The tour has been a pretty amazing way for them to celebrate this milestone.

And, they have a new single scheduled for release on 1st December 2022. plantfood say, “We couldn’t be happier with it. plantfood sounding heavier than ever before!”

‘DUCKNESS’ will perhaps be the next big rave!

My friend, Andy Davies on Facebook wrote: 

“They were very, very good!”

Apparently plantfood are a part of a new wave of UK Jazz bands. plantfood list them as including: Nubiyan Twist, Ezra Collective, Sons of Kemet, Comet is Coming etc.

plantfood are: Tenor Sax – Joe van der Meulen; Bari Sax/Flute – George Woolley; Keyboards – Ruben Maric; Bass – Woody Hayden; Drums – Finn Hamilton; Percussion/Vocals – JJ Petrie

‘Germination’ (Live @ The Leeds Brudenell Social Club / 31st of May 2021) – album:

‘Mansion’ live:

Here’s a video recorded at The B-Side Jazz Night 13 Nov 2020 – Plantfood, Live from Leeds Conservatoire:


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