Our lady                                                                                              (of tesco

                                                                                                              and of the tescolonies

                                                                                                              and of the tescolonisation

                                                                                                              of the Matters of

                                                                                                              Britain and Europe

                                                                                                              and its botched grab

                                                                                                              at Chindia


                                                                                                              and of the Great Mind




Dame                                                                                                    de la Sainte Terre
                                                                                                              and of

                                                                                                              the B.E.



 mystical files                                                                                      mystical dossiers

 built up                                                                                               about  you

 are legion                                                                                           are  legendary

 and thus I quote                                                                               (from one:



‘This is not the first time I have raised issues relating to Westminster City Council here. I make no apologies for that. There is long-unfinished business. The deputy leader of the council recently described me as a “Shirley Porter obsessive”. I am afraid that that is characteristic of his party’s casual and often concerted attempts to undermine those who have been critical of Shirley Porter and her policies over the years…’



Milady                                                                         may the covings of the heavenly malls

                                                                                     descend to the glorifying

                                                                                     of thy name and of thy

                                                                                     necklaced lipsticked shoulderpadded aura

                                                                                     (and the smileyface emblazoned on thy pendant

                                                                                     of – in your case – Sol the bad loser)

                                                                                     to be an icon of conservatism

                                                                                     for the generations hereafter:

                                                                                     the new Devil’s Dam

                                                                                     o’ Porterloo


‘If I have an obsession, it was probably nurtured during my time as a councillor in Westminster. That is why, some 18 years after the events of which we complained began, 15 years after we registered our objection with the auditor, 10 years after he produced his provisional findings of “disgraceful, improper and unlawful” gerrymandering in Westminster, eight years after he published his formal findings of “wilful misconduct”, seven years after the High Court endorsed those findings, three years after the Law Lords pronounced on what they judged to be “a deliberate, blatant and dishonest use of public power” amounting to “political corruption”, and a year after the European Court of Human Rights rejected Shirley Porter’s final legal campaign as “manifestly ill-founded”and “inadmissible”, we still seek justice…’


O Milady of the 5p cemeteries, asbestos dream-homes, and gold-rimmed

                                                                                                      chaise de


thine acquilinity ravens us

                                                                                             (oh every little hurts

                                                                             from Holyland to Everglades

                                                                   and ee’n the Great Vault

                                                          ineffable and unutterable

                                                 of thy 24 hour
















Niall McDevitt 

(Text from deposition by Peter Bradley, 30 June 2004)


Art by Mike Lesser and Nick Victor



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