{by which I mean the misuse
of games to model real-life situations

Why doesn’t Superman use his Superpowers
To help the poor and desperate? He could easily dig irrigation systems,
Protect the rainforest from destruction. Lay the law down to exploiters
Use his Superbreath to power wind turbines, get things going

Or Bruce Wayne (Batman to the uninitiated)
Divert his massive wealth to helping out with poverty, building houses
A decent social infrastructure. No one need go hungry in Gotham City
Just pay them decent wages. Open libraries. Playgrounds. Nurseries

As far as I can see it’s obvious

Aquaman could clean the oceans (easy-peasy)
Stop overfishing with his Trident, oil pollution. Show them (how)
Dumping microplastic comes with consequences. Even lesser heroes
Could do something. Encourage workers to join unions. Organise

Fight racism. Unite the masses against the bosses

The women (like Marvel Girl) could also be important. Invisible
Girl and Wonder Woman. Wasp, and Storm, Ororo, from the X-Men
Who previously used her powers to bring rain to frantic farmers,
Saved entire regions from drought and mass starvation

This was a thousand times more important
Than duelling with Magneto. What the fuck
Is wrong with you people? Of course there are alternatives

Pick up litter

Didn’t you ever wonder if you might do better?




 Steven Taylor

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