When you circlebreak a car in a circle and it’s rubber burns into the asphalt
It burns into the asphalt and lives in the bones of the asphalt
The rubber and the asphalt are married then and the scent of their sex travels out
To all the city just the beneath the duvet of the asphalt
Tear gas too
Gun shots too
Burning Best Buys too
Travel like this just beneath the asphalt
Corrupt grand juries too
Unsmoked handfuls of cigars too
Legalised murder by police too
Travel like this just beneath the asphalt
Police who can kill you just for walking towards their cars
Police who can kill you just for looking at them and know they’ll never even be arrested
Legalised murder by thug police
Travels like that just beneath the asphalt
No more police who pretend the asphalt is theirs more than its yours
No more police who can kill you for nothing and just walk away even when they’re caught
Real Truth Now
Real Freedom Now
Real Justice Now
Real Gods Now
Unmurdered Land Now
Real Ghosts Now
Free Land Now
Robert Montgomery


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