Rebecca Radical

“Positivity-spiked anarcho punk played by a Buckfast drinking hippy cunt.” Rebecca’s self-decription.

Alan Dearling suggests that Rebecca is something of a young gun,  a potentially amazing new talent from north of the Scots’ Border – I think maybe she’s from Dundee – or, perhaps more precisely, Kirkcaldy in Fife.

And she proclaims on Twitter in her link to Bandcamp: She’s an: “Artist-GuitarRanter-Designer-WorstCunt-Mental, Mindful, Curious & Creative.”

‘Fuck it!’ – great voice – and lyrics – and attitude – and looks: and the song : “I’m at my happiest when…my nail varnish is all peeling off…”

‘Alice’; Scatting poetry and sounds. Weird, but definitely, defiantly, T- for talented. Rebecca tells us:

“Here’s a little video I put together, mostly using footage from Clownfest 6, to accompany my first go at poetry over a hip hop/trap beat.”

Just call her Alice…in her won Wonderland!

And her very first video/song from February 2021!  Wowzer……wowww…Wow.

‘Frustration’ (Funk Off):

‘After party Thoughts’ with Rich Gulag. Absolutely Spliffing!!!!:

Live in Edinburgh from the Old Leith Walk Police Box:

‘Keep Dreaming’, experimenting with dubby, trippy sounds:

This could be a cool, edgy, curious set of ‘beginnings’ for Rebecca Radical. Hope so. Certainly worth keeping a weather eye out for her. Challenging and Anarchisto:


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    1. Wow mate, thank you so much for this! Day made 😀❤️

      Comment by Rebecca Radical on 28 November, 2021 at 10:34 am
    2. 😍

      Comment by Editor on 6 December, 2021 at 8:00 am

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