That moment you just heard the shots and hoped for quick Redemption
That moment was badly shot. I asked you with my hands to wait outside it only looked like begging
(That moment they were making photographic studies, on daisies and, you didn’t interrupt)
That moment when you stopped although it was short&brief it scared all remembered friends
That moment – smoke prevailed over the royal sense. That moment I was moon & dots
That moment when the light was dim and swallowed gestures of excuse That moment I walked in
That moment sailors looked like boats, his eyes like parachutes and you drank up
I follow
That moment pantomime&dance was all that I could offer   That moment made me suffer
That moment was serene like happy thoughts –  That moment in reverse
That moment when you said you’d leave the curtain in the window swayed incredibly…
I will
That moment was so serious your lips were shining in remembrance your eyes were never devious
That moment when your hand couldn’t resist attraction  That moment led to this the moment I’ve got
no more ink
That moment was transforming, us, but moments are frivolous we knew that then and let it go
That moment felt its context, so unclean, in pureness, That moment brightly fell
Bells and clocks from tables and never we were there
That moment sought its purpose, alone, with no refrain we seemed to be together we learned to separate
(That moment there was silence. You pinned your tongue in handkerchiefs and struck the air with a sigh)
That moment was romantic blah a moment yet so classical – That moment was so now when bravery is gone
That moment was abrupt. That moment was back then That ample movement stopped by no-one could continue – without a proper end
That moment turned to fiction, a truth that shows its hideaway, unkind with such affairs  from which quality resigned
That moment you were free.



Bogdan Puslenghea
Illustration Nick Victor

By Bogdan Puslenghea

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