My mind is a river bank my friend
The water keeps touching it.
It is a sentiment my friend
The memories keep recalling.
The wide sky
Paints its canvas;
It leaves
The caricature of togetherness.
Only the living code is the color of life
Under the blue sky.
Find me in a grain of sand
The horoscope of my working palm
Shows my fateful lines.
I create my meaning
Inside the deep cave
Of felt affection.
All abstract,
The weight of meaninglessness
Is like plucking the flowers
Without planting the seeds,
Aware of appreciation
Without knowing about the flower.
The cool water again,
Keeps touching the woods,
And time keeps reaching
The banks.
A revelation shows its face
In the morning mirror.




Copyright Sushant Thapa
Biratnagar-13, Nepal
Picture Nick Victor

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