Reverse the decision to exclude animal sentience from the EU withdrawal bill

To: UK Prime Minister and UK Government

Campaign created by
Dave Babb
Reverse the decision to exclude animal sentience from the EU withdrawal bill

I feel the decision of the UK Government, to exclude the status of animals, as sentient beings, in the EU withdrawal bill, is a terrible blow for animal welfare, and I would urge them to reconsider immediately.

Why is this important?

Animals have long held the status of being sentient beings in the UK, through legislation created in the EU. This means they are recognised as being capable of feeling emotions such as joy and compassion, but also fear, suffering and terror. The vote in Parliament, narrowly won by the Government, removes this status from all animals in the UK, and is a massive blow for the welfare of wildlife, pets and farm animals alike.

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The truth of animal sentience – and political lies

For anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear (and hearts to feel and minds to think,) it is so crystal clear that animals are not only highly sentient, that they most definitely feel pain – physical, emotional and psychological, but that they are also fully conscious and aware of that pain too, (and do everything they can to avoid it).

Anyone who has been inside a slaughter ‘house’ or seen slaughter footage, or heard animals screaming in laboratories is all too horribly aware of this. Anyone who has ever lived with an animal companion, anyone who has ever watched a television programme about animals even, knows the truth about animal sentience.

Deliberately eradicating all recognition of animal sentience in British law, and willfully labeling our fellow beings as “agricultural products”/stock, denying all truth and reality in the process, just opens the floodgates to the dropping of already insufficient, animal welfare protection.

If animals are not sentient, then logically, there’s no need for any protection for them at all, because they are not beings and don’t feel anything anyway! This is a Satanic logic; a terrible lie, with terrible implications.

We should be improving on EU standards (woefully inadequate in too many member states as it is) not paving the way for eradicating them altogether by denying sentience!

This abominable, backward, and calculated move has been made in order to license even more animal suffering and abuse, so that the greedy pharmaceutical companies and big agri-businesses and the weekend hunting/shooting blood ‘sport’ businesses can make even more of their blood money.

What the government is doing is nothing short of immoral – and we cannot let this terrible, ‘dominionist’ culture perpetuate, when MPs are meant to be acting on all our behalves, and progressing standards for all beings (both human and nonhuman) – and not just acting for the powerful, minority and their rotten, deathly ‘interests.’

A future where animals are treated as nothing more than temporarily living ‘meat’ products, as soon to be ‘processed’ ‘stock’, a future of more and more mega zero-grazing factories, while all the land is sold off for ‘housing’ (in reality for greedy developers…or the government would insist that all the country’s many, empty buildings were occupied and call a moratorium on second homes and so-called ‘investment’ properties), where all the remaining wild animals are hunted down and ‘culled’ as we destroy their habitat and food sources and they are forced to scavenge among ‘ours’ – really is hell on earth.

We can feed the populace far better and appease farmers in the process, by investing in plant-based growing and in public education about the importance of plant-based diets (for our health, for the planet’s survival, and for the sake of all suffering animals). It is the only sustainable solution – and it is the only ethical solution.

Animal sentience is a reality – and there are serious, moral implications. It’s high time we also recognized animal sapience. Are we really going to try and claim that animals aren’t conscious? That they are not aware of what’s happening to them? And that they don’t have a conscious response to that? We need to fight for the recognition of sapience – not deny sentience!

And we shouldn’t need science to prove this to us in the first place (which being is really going to open up and trust enough to be completely themselves, and display their full range of sensitivities and capabilities under terrifying clinical conditions anyway?) – but even with these restraints in mind, many animals are now scientifically “recognized” as having complex emotions just like we do. They suffer bereavement, loss, fear, stress, and depression very clearly.

How is it possible then that our sentience-lacking, sapient-deficient MPs could do this? This is such a terrible betrayal – of suffering animals above all, but also of British people who have led the way globally in animal rights and welfare campaigning for over 150 years!

The implications of this nasty, sneaky little political move are beyond imagining. Thankfully over ten thousand have already signed the 38 degrees petition.  Please add your names, urge others to, spread the word – and raise your voices loudly against this terrible bill. A lot of vulnerable beings depend on us.

Heidi Stephenson

Here are Britain’s
and (sapiency-deficient)
who willfully deny
what all eyes see
and all ears hear
and all hearts feel
and all minds know
in their greedy,
abominable quest
to make even more
blood money and
against the will
of the vast majority
of the British people:
THESE ARE THE MPs who voted the sentient beings part of the bill out and declared that animals have no feelings or emotions and so are incapable of suffering. 
Is your MP on this list..? 
 if yours is please email them and tell them what you think!

The 313 MPs 

Conservative Party

Adams, Nigel

Afolami, Bim

Afriyie, Adam

Aldous, Peter

Allan, Lucy

Allen, Heidi

Argar, Edward

Atkins, Victoria

Bacon, Richard

Badenoch, Kemi

Baker, Steve

Baldwin, Harriett

Barclay, Stephen

Baron, John

Bebb, Guto

Bellingham, Henry

Benyon, Richard

Beresford, Paul

Berry, Jake

Blackman, Bob

Blunt, Crispin

Boles, Nick

Bone, Peter

Bottomley, Peter

Bowie, Andrew

Bradley, Ben

Bradley, Karen

Brady, Graham

Brereton, Jack

Bridgen, Andrew

Brine, Steve

Brokenshire, James

Bruce, Fiona

Buckland, Robert

Burghart, Alex

Burns, Conor

Burt, Alistair

Cairns, Alun

Cartlidge, James

Cash, William

Caulfield, Maria

Chalk, Alex

Chishti, Rehman

Chope, Christopher

Churchill, Jo

Clark, Colin

Clark, Greg

Clarke, Simon

Clarke, Kenneth

Cleverly, James

Clifton-Brown, Geoffrey

Coffey, Thérèse

Collins, Damian

Costa, Alberto

Courts, Robert

Cox, Geoffrey

Crabb, Stephen

Crouch, Tracey

Davies, Chris

Davies, David, T., C.

Davies, Glyn

Davies, Mims

Davies, Philip

Davis, David

Dinenage, Caroline

Djanogly, Jonathan

Docherty, Leo

Donelan, Michelle

Dorries, Nadine

Double, Steve

Dowden, Oliver

Doyle-Price, Jackie

Drax, Richard

Duddridge, James

Duguid, David

Duncan, Alan

Duncan Smith, Iain

Dunne, Philip

Ellis, Michael

Ellwood, Tobias

Eustice, George

Evans, Nigel

Evennett, David

Fabricant, Michael

Fernandes, Suella

Ford, Vicky

Foster, Kevin

Fox, Liam

Francois, Mark

Frazer, Lucy

Freer, Mike

Fysh, Marcus

Gale, Roger

Garnier, Mark

Gauke, David

Ghani, Nusrat

Gibb, Nick

Gillan, Cheryl

Glen, John

Goldsmith, Zac

Goodwill, Robert

Gove, Michael

Graham, Luke

Graham, Richard

Grant, Bill

Grant, Helen

Gray, James

Grayling, Chris

Green, Chris

Green, Damian

Greening, Justine

Grieve, Dominic

Griffiths, Andrew

Gyimah, Sam

Hair, Kirstene

Halfon, Robert

Hall, Luke

Hammond, Stephen

Hancock, Matt

Hands, Greg

Harper, Mark

Harrington, Richard

Harris, Rebecca

Harrison, Trudy

Hart, Simon

Hayes, John

Heald, Oliver

Heappey, James

Heaton-Harris, Chris

Heaton-Jones, Peter

Henderson, Gordon

Herbert, Nick

Hinds, Damian

Hoare, Simon

Hollingbery, George

Hollinrake, Kevin

Hollobone, Philip

Holloway, Adam

Howell, John

Huddleston, Nigel

Hughes, Eddie

Hunt, Jeremy

Hurd, Nick

Jack, Alister

James, Margot

Javid, Sajid

Jayawardena, Ranil

Jenkin, Bernard

Jenrick, Robert

Johnson, Caroline

Johnson, Gareth

Johnson, Joseph

Johnson, Boris

Jones, Andrew

Jones, Marcus

Jones, David

Kawczynski, Daniel

Keegan, Gillian

Kennedy, Seema

Kerr, Stephen

Knight, Julian

Knight, Greg

Kwarteng, Kwasi

Lamont, John

Lancaster, Mark

Latham, Pauline

Leadsom, Andrea

Lee, Phillip

Lefroy, Jeremy

Leigh, Edward

Letwin, Oliver

Lewer, Andrew

Lewis, Brandon

Lewis, Julian

Liddell-Grainger, Ian

Lidington, David

Lopez, Julia

Lopresti, Jack

Lord, Jonathan

Loughton, Tim

Mackinlay, Craig

Maclean, Rachel

Main, Anne

Mak, Alan

Malthouse, Kit

Mann, Scott

Masterton, Paul

Maynard, Paul

McLoughlin, Patrick

McPartland, Stephen

McVey, Esther

Menzies, Mark

Mercer, Johnny

Merriman, Huw

Metcalfe, Stephen

Miller, Maria

Milling, Amanda

Mills, Nigel

Milton, Anne

Mitchell, Andrew

Moore, Damien

Mordaunt, Penny

Morgan, Nicky

Morris, David

Morris, James

Morton, Wendy

Mundell, David

Murray, Sheryll

Murrison, Andrew

Neill, Robert

Newton, Sarah

Nokes, Caroline

Norman, Jesse

O’Brien, Neil

Offord, Matthew

Opperman, Guy

Parish, Neil

Patel, Priti

Paterson, Owen

Pawsey, Mark

Penning, Mike

Penrose, John

Percy, Andrew

Perry, Claire

Philp, Chris

Pincher, Christopher

Pow, Rebecca

Prentis, Victoria

Prisk, Mark

Pritchard, Mark

Pursglove, Tom

Quin, Jeremy

Quince, Will

Raab, Dominic

Redwood, John

Rees-Mogg, Jacob

Robertson, Laurence

Robinson, Mary

Rosindell, Andrew

Ross, Douglas

Rowley, Lee

Rudd, Amber

Rutley, David

Sandbach, Antoinette

Scully, Paul

Seely, Bob

Selous, Andrew

Shapps, Grant

Sharma, Alok

Shelbrooke, Alec

Simpson, Keith

Skidmore, Chris

Smith, Chloe

Smith, Henry

Smith, Julian

Smith, Royston

Soames, Nicholas

Soubry, Anna

Spelman, Caroline

Spencer, Mark

Stevenson, John

Stewart, Bob

Stewart, Iain

Stewart, Rory

Stride, Mel

Stuart, Graham

Sturdy, Julian

Sunak, Rishi

Swayne, Desmond

Swire, Hugo

Syms, Robert

Thomas, Derek

Thomson, Ross

Throup, Maggie

Tolhurst, Kelly

Tomlinson, Justin

Tomlinson, Michael

Tracey, Craig

Tredinnick, David

Trevelyan, Anne-Marie

Truss, Elizabeth

Tugendhat, Tom

Vara, Shailesh

Vickers, Martin

Villiers, Theresa

Walker, Charles

Walker, Robin

Wallace, Ben

Warburton, David

Warman, Matt

Watling, Giles

Whately, Helen

Wheeler, Heather

Whittaker, Craig

Whittingdale, John

Williamson, Gavin

Wollaston, Sarah

Wood, Mike

Wragg, William

Wright, Jeremy

Zahawi, Nadhim

Democratic Unionist Party

Campbell, Gregory

Dodds, Nigel

Donaldson, Jeffrey, M.

Girvan, Paul

Little, Pengelly, Emma

Paisley, Ian

Robinson, Gavin

Shannon, Jim

Simpson, David

Wilson, Sammy


Elphicke, Charlie

Morris, Anne Marie


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By Heidi Stephenson

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