Rewiring Our Map

When did you last listen to the birds? All this
dashing about looks like wasted effort yet we
have no idea what creatures are living in our
rivers. “This is the point at which the current

changes,” she said. Are we analysing these animals
to death? We may have to spend the rest of our
lives on the move but we’ve been put under great
pressure to muddy the waters. “Beneath the surface

an army is being mobilised,” she said. Once upon
a time we all worked for a living but it’s mainly a
question of scavenging these days. “Our waters
are thick with herring and easy pickings are on the

way,” she said. All knowledge is partly invention
but are the magic mushrooms to blame? “We’re
looking at a psychedelic landscape that can hardly
have preceded The Wizard of Oz,” she said.



Steve Spence
Picture Rupert Loydell

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