RIP Mark Stewart, 1960-2023

Paranoia, conspiracy, political activism and great music. Whether releasing music solo, fronting The Pop Group, or playing with others such as The New Age Steppers, Stewart was a musical maverick and force of nature.

Mark Stewart passed away in early hours of Friday 21 April 2023.


Two quotes from a 2019 interview with Mark, published as part of a CD review at it:

‘Turn your hurt into healing, pain into power and wounds will become wisdom.’

‘The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on seeding the new. Attention is an alchemy that turns anxiety to beauty.’

The Pop Group – We Are Time

No waiting, No running
No searching behind
I will break you time
I will break your mind
Is a crime

All will be now, dreams are too fast
You are the first, we are the last
Last, last
We are last

No sequence to follow
No fear of tomorrow
Kiss of neverness
Life of timelessness
We’ll break the speed of change
We’ll tame eternity

Time is within you
Shines through your eyes
We’ll kill the word
Black letter lies
Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies
Your world is built on lies

New Age Steppers – Crazy Dreams and High Ideals

Don’t worry it’s only art…
High ideals and crazy dreams
High ideals and crazy dreams

Some of them use their bodies
Some of them use their minds

And our ideals will prevail because we refuse to be
The stepping stones that pave the way for the small minority.

What are you trying to say
Your eyes give you away

High ideals and crazy dreams
High ideals and crazy dreams

Mark Stewart – Jerusalem

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