Rock ‘n’ Roll Don’t Fail Me Now

Jerry Lee Lewis
28 October 2022
A Whole Lotta Shakin’
No Longer Going On…
Jeff Beck. David Crosby.

give me that beat
that frees my soul,
let me drown in your
rock ‘n’ roll, you, who
were always there for me
when I needed you most,
the Sun sounds that carry me
through dark moonage night
ensorcelled by the mystical codex
of awopbopaloobop that tells me
all I ever need to know, each vinyl
analogue bite of ramalamadingdong
takes me three steps closer to heaven
eight miles higher than the stars,
ring-ring goes the bell to deliver us
from schooldays hell and old ways
sail away on radio songs, as the rhythm
that gets into your heart and soul
wrecks my head and whatever
academic potential I may once have
possessed, in a life dance to decrypt
each bad jukebox voodoo profundity,
to traipse in not entirely straight grooves
of zigzag wandering across Tamla years
of enchantment, yet still no closer to true
enlightenment love’s revelation brings,
meanwhile, I’m still here thinking
through Ramones and Flamin’ Groovies,
at the funky core of 45rpm insurrection
in the rebel non-conformist equation,
always there when I needed you most,
the only god I need, burning inside
my veins in kicks of vinyl narcotics,
until this tragic decade of sad overs,
finally brings me to my knees,
so please give me that beat,
to free my soul, one more time,
rock ‘n’ roll don’t fail me now…



Andy Darlington





By Andrew Darlington

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