Roger Waters After Recent Visit To Julian Assange

An important message from #RogerWaters. We must keep Julian at the front of our minds and be ready to assemble when Day X is officially announced.

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Julian Assange has been imprisoned for 1656 days

Message from Stella Assange

Dear Peter

Julian is reaching the end of the road in the British courts. He is now into his fifth year of imprisonment without conviction in Britain’s notorious Belmarsh prison. On the third of July, he spent his fifth birthday in a small isolated cell. 

On June 6th, a single High Court judge rejected Julian’s application for permission to appeal. That means that the British appeal court will not have the opportunity to argue why he should not be extradited to the senior judiciary of the UK, and if that decision is confirmed in coming weeks or months by a panel of two separate High Court judges, Julian will not be able to appeal to the Supreme Court either and the Home Office will initiate his extradition. Julian will attempt to apply to the European Court of a Human Rights, but that avenue is neither automatic nor assured. 

The British Courts still have the opportunity to reverse course and do the right thing. The case is clear cut, this is a political persecution, Julian is the victim of a vengeful prosecution instigated by the same authorities that were plotting to kidnap and murder him. The charges re a fit up, because he cannot invoke a public interest defence. He is being used as a deterrent to bully reporters and citizens not to challenge corruption and abuse.

Those who wish to silence and imprison Julian for the rest of his life have contempt for what he stands for —our right to speak and know the truth and the agency of well-informed people to achieve reform and accountability. 

Julian needs each and everyone of us to stand by him and push back. If you are a UK resident, come to the courts on the day of the public hearing, sign this public petition to the House of Commons to call on the current Home Secretary to take all measures and block the extradition to the United States.

Check out this Free Assange Emergency Toolkit for other ways to help.

If the US and UK want to hold the moral and political high ground on freedom of expression, dropping the case and letting Julian come home is the only way to achieve it.

Join the fight and stand up for Julian. Don’t stop until he is free and back home with us.

This show of solidarity keeps Julian’s spirits strong as he fights an epic battle for his life and for the future of our freedoms. 

If you wish to donate to Julian’s defence:

You can donate to UK campaign:

You can also set up a regular donation.

Thank you!


Stella Assange


Get Ready for Day X

Julian Assange is facing his last chance to stop extradition in a UK court. The Royal Courts of Justice have not released a date yet but we have to be ready to protest.

Place: Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London, WC2A 2LL
Time: 9am BST

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Sign Petition to UK House of Commons

If you are in UK sign our public petition to the House of Commons which will be presented by an MP. We are collecting as many signatures as possible across the UK asking the House of Commons to urge the Government to take action. 

Sign Petition Here

Our campaign relies on donations from the the general public.

Whether you can give £1 or £1000, your support makes a huge difference. We are raising to help us mobilize massive #FreeAssange protests similar to our Human Chain or the Night Carnival event.

Help us raise funds to keep the #FreeAssange billboard outside Belmarsh prison where Julian Assange is currently imprisoned – Join our Crowdfunder.

DEA Campaign


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