Rogue Metal

Rogue Metal


Happening People
Happening people want scary… Eins, zwei, drei, vier…

Beyond now:
The mainstream can be inspiring, so bring your own paper.
Note early organic architecture in the study room.
The modern school of gothic drives culture with a difference: engaging informative eating and drinking, cutting-edge dance, spectacular exhibitions.
Free changing light falls.
A housing crisis and Cities of Tomorrow
Every month a high society photograph collection – suburbia is an extension of our past present Indie Britpop futile academy palace of fossils in this case not quite the City of Los Angeles.
His crew push your ambitions to make it with any stars including Lucy Lovebird, millions of people realistic and believable carry out a robbery mutual respect don’t just be stupid, sparkle and shine, become the God of Party.
I didn’t realise. How exciting!
We do this every Monday – nervous?

‘electric forum orbital hoops’
That’s all I can give to you guys without being killed: music is a drug like your alter-ego it’s cheap too: finally you’ll need small gemstones previously known as ‘electric forum orbital hoops’ high flying monsters, spectral citizen’s action, what!

Coming attractions: a new tower block and a ghastly old man’s pub. An indication of our belief in cafes, bars and funky apartments, a ‘walk of shame’ to blur the line ad nauseam like a series of well-turned-out models. Take a trip into a shopping mall, talking in a mechanistic way – the effect has been staggering, like sculpture from darkness that stands alone, no doubt an enticing international extravaganza revisited.
Taking the factory floor after-show: early birds more than numbers absurdly hip.
One-day reunion listen or participate as original residents kick the enemy’s dropout holograms; mid-sized hit by a shower at the lower limit is how much failed the actors for an opera legacy follow voluptuous was hanged. Ended so cheerfully and worked at various jobs, celebrating the Top 20 without a conclusion or special intro proud and angry a novel achievement. Narrow passages are technically impressive yet seem sinister and enigmatic.

Strange Evil Flowers
Rogue metal guerrilla movements migrated to London, like strange evil flowers from a dark lake where nothing is sane and nothing is safe. Super-handy extra free gift wrap-around sunglasses water-effect solar cherubs, pinching and cramping instant easy look add wheels to a vibrant kaftan. Yes the underside has special suction cups and slip-resistant grippers simply apply before bedtime for a lot of extra style.

Attracts dust like a magnet. Close-up view, flip down, turn about use to protect your identity while your lower body stays in place accept no responsibility perfect for poached diamond dust repel pests forget the frustrations turn it over. Speak rhythmically is rhyming couplets or folk chants.
A Roman flash dance and a cheering crowd in tune with some really beautiful things, a crucial contribution from a maverick mathematician suddenly able to talk. The ideas were brilliant, like an ultra-violent comic book metropolis, dominating the media or some psychotic nemesis. Camp body action involving ape-men and pterodactyls, unrest and crumbling consensus guaranteed to make you laugh cry puke and develop a nose for drama don’t miss out on dangerous art oblivious of every level of reality, is there any stopping us?

Strolling Down the Street
Bra too tight? All we have is data on morphogenesis. Attempt the impossible appearing from nothing loss of energy advances come from the horizon of insight, Mad Sal’s Dockside Alehouse and all points weird set the tone squaring-up to vintage soul, boogaloo, rock steady and happy hang-ups dance-trance techno-disco, discover this largely untold story, strolling down the street.

Coz this is a timeless jewel from a poisonous poet, tested by word of mouth.
Stone-lock the edge-booster…unique candy stripe instant results like misted-up windows add definition ce sont des mouettes.

A.C. Evans
illustration Nick Victor


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