‘A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is reality.’
   – Yoko Ono

She told us to climb the ladder
and touch the sky, shake off the water
and never die. So we will.

She told us to imagine the future
and make it happen, shake off the past
and never die. So we will.

She told us how everything matters
and that we must shake off negativity
and never die. But we will.

She told us how to free our minds
and that we should shake off doubt
so we might never die. But we will.

She told us of a voice which defines
the limit of utterance and cannot be described,
a voice impervious to interruption and coherence,
to doubt or disbelief. We must dissolve, shake off
our own identity so the world will never die.

She told us in a voice that comes from within,
a voice which wrote the imaginary book,
a voice impervious to reprint or erasure,
to your understanding of the text. We must not
ignore or abandon the power of thought.

She told us that there is no absence,
only the detritus of reason and experience,
which can be discarded whenever we see fit.
Reality is a constant succession of empty signs,
this sense of drowning will never go away.



       © Rupert M Loydell

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