Scattered Dreams


Time again for war, leaving scattered shattered limbs
Smothering march of death, crackling dark hymns
Sacrificed for land, for another’s passionate belief
We huddle in hope, hold your memory in our grief  

I shelter in my cave, comforted by friends still left
What have we done that we are here and so bereft?
Fearful, I cannot choose whether I may live or die
My memory remains, we’ll not dismiss it as we cry 

I’ll remember these killing fields, we’ll rise another day
Now or then, we will redress, no matter what you say
Trapped in this land, this uneven match set by you
You’ll reap the whirlwind, sucked in for what you do 

Taking, you’ll be forever guarding, a fear buried inside
Our children killed & maimed, sacrificed for your pride 

We’ll fight again for our land, we last few together
Start anew, pray, & forgive what you came to sever”


Christopher 2024






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2 Responses to  Scattered Dreams

    1. An elegaic tone poem. One of Chistopher’s best.

      Comment by Marc Hurwitz on 21 January, 2024 at 3:36 pm
    2. Sobering – eloquently written – capturing the repeated tragedy and truth of war.

      Comment by emma lumsden on 21 January, 2024 at 10:15 pm

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