She: A Beauty Incarnation


When my eager-eagle eyes saw thee,
I found a thrall in the veins,
A stop in the labor heart pumping the red;
A day of golden sun in summer bright,
She comes as morn’s refreshing breeze,
A live garden forever in bloom;
Half shy of her own glory.
Fair than the fairer, a shine that never fades,
Her aspects best of dark and light;
Her lips are coral red,
Cheeks are roses red and white;
A valley in the breasts, deep and steep
A smile that wins a thousand realms,
Her charm that pleases,
Might waste your youth in sigh.
Her airy hair is swinging spider’ silver line,
Mild voice fades like an old opera tunes;
The perfume of her soul feels you vigor,
She walks in rhyme,
A thousand nameless graces moves;
When she dances with autumn leaves,
A soft whisperings vibrate in our spirit,
She shakes the earth beneath and the sky above;
For she is a deity, incarnation,
Can only see through my close eyes.





Sandeep Kumar Mishra

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