She lay dreaming

She lay dreaming
She lay dreaming,
moving through tales
of wondrous imagining.
A vessel of beauty
overflowing with innocence and
frivolous babbling giggles.

Delighted by bees and
sticky toffee.
Enthralled by horses and
bicycles with bells.
As curious as Alice,
always in wonderland.

One night, mid dream,
a crushing weight
bore down upon
this delicate vessel.
She knew this weight
her rock, her anchor, till now.

The vessel shattered
into a pile of shards,
spilling innocence,
scattering love.
Delight escaped
leaving only fear.

Years past, tears fell.
The shards boxed,
hidden from sight.
Nothing felt safe,
even dreams were fearful.
Less of a life, more of a plight.

A decision was made
to bury the shards,
to end this hurt,
to escape a crushing weight
that had never left,
always pressing, always down.

By chance one day
she discovered a copse
resonant of lightness.
She carried the box,
searching for a spot
to lay to rest her broken soul.

Startled by a rustle, she
looked up from her digging
to see a boy and a girl
who stood in shimmering light.
“What’s in the box?”
They chorused in bell like tones.

“These shards that once were me.”
She replied, lifting the lid.
The boy waved his hands
and sent glowing tendrils
coiling around the shards
lifting them spinning into the air.

The girl, singing, lifted her hands
and a musical light merged
with the spinning shards
as one by one they reformed
each joined by coloured light
to make anew the vessel smashed.

Now more beautiful
and stunningly unique,
the vessel settled to the ground.
Golden innocence returned,
it filled with joy and laughter,
it sounded as myriad crystal bells

The lines of the breaks
would never leave.
In rainbow light
they mapped her life
in a tender weave, of hope,
and a tracery of healing.

Written by Francis de Aguilar© May 2015
illustration Nick Victor

By Francis de Aguilar

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