Shib-bo-leth: n. a common saying or belief  
When Presidents lie through the gaps in their teeth 
And what was above is now lying beneath; 
When you’re anxious for truth and are vexed about death – 
   Return to the breath. 
When the broadcasts are filled with political whims 
And lenses zoom-in upon car bombs and limbs; 
When the facts read much more like the plot of Macbeth – 
   Return to the breath. 
When the world stage is shaken by missiles and storms 
And nations surrender to populist norms, 
Though drugs might appeal, don’t go turning to meth – 
   Return to the breath. 
When having opinions presides over proof 
And half of the news was made up on the hoof, 
You might well attend to the old shibboleth: 
   Return to the breath



Andy Brown

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