Ship of the Seven Seas

Shipwreck Beneath the Sea
When I was a ship
I sailed the seven seas
now don’t get me wrong
I’m not fond of the water
my bows were tied together
and I was not free
to sail away to my destiny
and then one fine night
lightening struck my mast
I could not run fast
in the water beneath my feet
I was not neat
I had capsized
before I had learnt to dive
and all through the night
the wave came along
like the jewel in the crown
I was never found
they had deleted
my name off the record of life
for I was in strife
out there
in the night air
they had captured my vessel
in their net
and had brought it back to shore
where I could roam the seas no more
and to some degree
you were right
to fight
to get out there
in the cold night air
I bent backwards
and broke in two
and the tide came over me
and swept me away
I couldn’t last another day
and the words that followed
brought me to my knees
the sea had swept inside me
when the tide went out
without a doubt



Sophia Jackson
th September 2014
Art: Claire Palmer

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