bésame con frenesí
– Rodolfo ‘Chamaco’ Sandoval

One hundred percent bananas and a coffee to go
Yes, deep-tissue massage now even better:
Improve your image, smarten that shabby frontage
As you hand-jive to an infectious Latino rhythm,
As we gasp at her Super-fonic Jet Age vocals,
Whatever next? Frenzy? Frenesi!
It’s show time!
Electrical distributors breaking as we come on air.
So decadent; sing-a-long choruses, jokes and
A tongue-twisting scat extravaganza.
Celebs, video vixens and hot models
Levitate over the citadel;
Sister Lucia screams – please mind the gap!
Guy in suit explodes. Stay tuned for even
Bigger and better things to come
On the case?

Here at Therapy Central the world slides by
While we spot those invisible signals,
Make scary claims, and
Poo-poo the sin crowd. Next
It’s va-va-voom and the sonics go boom,
Boys in tuxedos smooching all night.
What’s the angle?

The question snapped sideways.
Down at the Bagatelle,
A cool detective hid in the shadows
On the prowl for anything unusual.
It’s paradise deranged – it sent her global.
Whatever next? Frenzy? Frenesi!
It’s show time!


AC Evans
Illustration Nick Victor

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