1. the way people walk up to a house they’ve never been in before, slowly, as if afraid of the stories it contains.
  2. the shy Madonnas standing at their windows speaking eloquent words of water and tears.
  3. the beat of the heart the fading rasp of the breath the beat of the heart.
  4. sometimes a certain slant of light enters the amplified realms of night.
  5. those who do not see visions in the city’s apoplectic estrangement.
  6. those who see visions in the city’s apoplectic estrangement.
  7. the way our shadows walk quicker than us, outpacing us.
  8. the chamaleucium’s strident bending to the sun’s billow.
  9. the days without pain like the last scattered rice grains.
  10. similes that surprise like dances on the Titanic.
  11. a desert wind and your hand convulsing.
  12. melons, tomatoes, corn, raging at noon.
  13. talking like trombones in the deserts.
  14. the Trinity of the Christians.
  15. the Trinity of the Bomb.
  16. people at parties.
  17. you.
  18. me.
  19. us.

from these signs the deus absconditus may be inferred.




Robert Mapson





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