Since the river ran dry and no respite came.

Since what you thought of first is the opening line.

Since the fingers on your hand point away from the thumb.

Since the road you once took is the one that has gone.

Since your strength and your skill got you into the team.

Since the mountainous path can’t be travelled alone.

Since the words that you heard were not quite what they seem.

Since what happened on the street won’t ever happen again.

Since the flowers on the piano were picked down the lane.

Since the face that you saw was concealed by a hood.
Since the trees round the farm felt the breeze from the rain.

Since the news that you got was all downright bad.

Since the time of your life could be heard in a song.

Since the river of night was where you thought you might belong.



Phil Bowen
Illustration: Atlanta Wiggs

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