Sinking Suella

Like a reverse shepherd she stands
Dispelling flocks into darkness 
For there is no light from Suella 
As she seeks to wreak the same spell 

As unpriti Patel, whose monstrous heart 
Made air ugly and so Braverman casts 
Dense reflection across the shallow 
But sin-streaked poisoned well. 

These two women share the same race 
And now we’re all running, hot on the tail 
Not of migrants but possibly reason itself. 
For to me It is not about who has the right 

To whichever land endures trespass, 
Nor is it about shelter and the sharing 
Of earth to stop stealth. Instead it is about 
Decisions, dictates, and the ruination 

Of standards. This is a current time without
Boundaries, starting perhaps with the wall
From which Berlin healed it’s long wound;
A time in which Russia’s iron curtain 

Was lifted and which Vladimir Putin 
Has ruffled across a carpet of blood
As kids fall. And so the question extends 
As it always does with the human: 

What are we to each other 
And in the most basic sense; do we care?
From the Christian concept to the Jews 
House of meeting; from the brotherhoods

Within Islam and the sisterhood of all girls
How can these two women adopt the same 
Bastardy in their bitching and in what 
Climate can any nations flag be unfurled. 

This is an obvious piece. 
There is no sophistication at all 
To its message. It’s lines are short,
Even standard. But beneath the brief 

There’a a sea which has its own rules 
About who it grants passage. You are not
Poseidon Suella. But are you a Canute?
Each wave’s free. Before the brink 

England sinks when such empty hands 
Begin pointing. With these directionless 
Sails and Aunt Sally’s heading the ship

Nemo flees. 



                                              David Erdos 10/3/23




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