I can smile
With the sun.
By the time
The moon rises
I can still carry on
The game of smiling.
The thunder
Has the light,
Can you,
Decipher the truth?
The truth that
Makes you alive.
What vocation
Shall you choose,
That does not
Enhance the lights
Of the world?
I am a waking constellation
Watched from
A bed of earthen stay.
Every golden sun
Has forgotten darkness.
The dark is the color
Of the evening
That lets the fireflies shine.
Come be the welcoming spirit
In the aftermath of glory,
When no essence
Is only worldly.
Variation is the name of nature
When every essence meets,
And occupies space.
Listen to the roar
Of a dark alley
That makes the blackness,
Just a color.



Copyright Sushant Thapa
Biratnagar-13, Nepal
Picture Nick Victor






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