for Ferenc Aszmann

Shout: until you have respect for every living person and thing you don’t have a religion—so stop pretending ! 

To be a nobody with a mission, 
what’s that like ? 
An illusion of a somebody 
waiting to explode 

Watch them like a hornet 
with his Roman metal helmet 
of streamlined stripes and gold 
his cyclist’s helmet 
Tour de Caliphate 
his alien inhuman helmet 
—he may strike at any time 

Thieves of the name travesty the Goddess searching for the broken pieces of her lover…parodying her wisdom and her grieving heart…not Isis, but Set: the jealous brother who will stop short of nothing less than murder 

British born mercenaries 
waiving their invoice 
as long as they can belong 
to Something 
no matter how insane 

their psychosis 
our paranoia 
of international Babel 
the first and last 
leaning tower of Babylon 

The graffiti spanning the bridge reads 
and beside it, beneath 

and never the twain shall meet 

This Romance is forever Beyond Reason 
dark knights riding for Lady Death 
already dead as Mexican hitmen 
with their feet up waiting for the next call 

They say gay people are like animals when they operate under the sign of the Beast 

Sharia who ? 
The young girl has no choice 
reserved at birth like a table 
penetrable aged 9 
by legalized paedophilia 
The purchase of her private parts
(you write, with perfect alliteration) 

ensuring she can also be returned 
as damaged goods to the family 
and disposed of if ‘honour’ dictates… 

This is how woman is cowed 
as well as raped making sure 
she can be no match for the man 
who only wants his picnic place 

in Paradise despite having no body parts left to enjoy the 99 virgins with 
(as they try to stifle their holy laughter—) 

Sharia who ? 
Satan by any other name 
as incapable of verse as…(word here missing—ed.) 
a hatchet job is all he knows how to do. 

Beware the Sharia hacks with their flowing beards 
they want to rule this world 
to make sure it never evolves 
beyond the hook and claw of their hands 

their Allah, a pitiable fraud. 

‘There’s nothing for you here in this Dunya’, you say 
and nothing for you there, either 
but the blindness of your eyes… 

only the continual murder of innocence 
and children who will inherit their hatred 

or rise up as angels
to overturn the world



Jay Ramsay

July 2014, London & Stroud

note: ‘Dunya’ meaning ‘material world’ 

picture Nick Victor



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