Some Business Wisdom


Some Business Wisdom


A few words
from our business leaders:

“Advertising is the very essence of democracy”

“Satisfaction with things as they are
would defeat the American Dream”


“Few trends could so thoroughly undermine
the very foundation of our free society
as the acceptance by corporate officials
of a social responsibility other than
to make as much money for their stockholders
as possible”

No worries there,

“Under the American form of society,
there is now no authority capable
of effective resistance”
to the philosophy that asks
“What kind of society isn’t structured on greed?”

and so:

“Forget loyalty”
“Competition is warfare”
“Only the paranoid survive”


“Along with ordinary happenings,
we fellows in Wall Street
had the fortunes of war to speculate about,
that always makes great doings on a stock exchange
It’s good fishing in troubled waters”

In conclusion:

“Nothing is illegal
if 100 businessmen decide to do it”
“I have never lost a night’s rest
on account of business in my life”





Michael Ceraolo
illustration Nick Victor

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