Some sparks of our love 



Some sparks of our love 
recreate flight.
And shiny marble columns
are dancing 
under the shadows of the lamps.
Your presence is like an endless celebration,
how blessed I am to feel this moment.

The signs of joy
are floating in the air.
Like little kites and toys,
like pebbles over there.
They reach the people,
as comets in between the stars.
The spring is here, as restart…


Love ain’t just a four letter word, 
it is a state of my soul,
it is my attitude to world!
Love is colour of the crystal bowl!
Love is attention to others,
it’s the engine of the miracles, love gathers…

Some misunderstanding…
The day has lost its brightness…
What does the obstacle bring…
Even if we speak the same language…
Where is the tiny arrow, the envisage, 
the love, that connect our hearts …

In the light of falling star
dragon fly shines in blue. 
The deep blue is spring
of the past,
spring of new call
of the blue universe.

Young man tosses a coin
in the well of desires.

whether after all
costs only one coin.

Or it’s a wish fee.

The melody of your eyes
caresses my skin
as hummingbirds fly
to rose damasquin.
A few silver drops of smiles
make the moment shines.


The South wind is bringing blooming smell.
Between the budding trees Sun rays peek out.
I am spreading hands on my balcony
to breathe the spring aromas.
God will soon paint a colourful masterpiece.




Dessy Tsvetkova, Bulgaria 
Picture Nick Victor






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