Speakfeel Part II

speakfeel 2

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David Russell
Pic Claire Palmer


Speakfeel Introduction

This is a linguistic experiment – and attempt to expand random word association to the volume of a novella. By the very nature of a living mind undertaking it, such an attempt is bound to fail at a literal level. No progression of words can be totally, ultimately random. There is no single word without association with others, even if it is only having letters of the alphabet in common. Likewise, no word can emerge to articulation without a contextual stimulus.

That stimulus forms a focal point for the utterer’s desire to find a new, ostensible blank word – and a response, in his mind, memory or emotions, which will relate to that word. Any such response must relate, at some level, to what the subject has previously read, spoken or written. No reminiscences, no rational or emotional responses can be entirely divorced from a lifelong background of text, which is integral to articulation.

There is, necessarily, an extremely complex spatial and temporal relationship between anyone’s experiences, thoughts, desires and memories – and those texts to which they relate for purposes of clarification. Some things we read impress us deeply, registering indelible impressions, both consciously and unconsciously. They are sometimes subject to instant, even literal, recall in the context of an intense experience. Things expressed, heard or read in childhood or adolescence can retain their power throughout a person’s life.

There is also much textual matter of middle depth with which we flesh out, and elaborate on, our central points. In addition to this, there is a huge shallow area of text which amuses, relieves tension and so forth. We tend to dismiss this as ephemeral, and exclude it from our higher levels of thought. But we cannot keep objective tags on all channels of our subconscious. Shallows may be channels with access to depths. In ‘small talk’, apparent vacuities of speech are perpetuated to sustain oral fluency and, consciously or not, to keep the faculties alert – keep the ears open, to something significant which may unexpectedly crop up. Sometimes just one key word can change the pitch of any communication.

For me, there is a essential parity between an intense experience and a fully articulated idea – say in book form. Intensity can be frozen and perpetuated by the labours of composition, though these, in transit, in progress, may seem to deaden feeling. Likewise sustained traumas, lasting for years, have ‘high pressure’ moments of maximum intensity.
My contention is that a sustained attempt at randomness could produce an utterance every bit as profound and significant as the highest statements of rationality, and the most delicate heights of poetry and verbal imagery. Structures, for me, are endemic. They have the ultimate resilience of life and sanity, and will assert themselves ever more strongly after a concerted attempt to undermine, undercut and destroy them. They can discover and enter labyrinths of imagery and, with the help of some perspective and afterthought, express scientific truths.

I admit to having exercised a degree of control and premeditation to keep up the closest possible approximation to pure randomness. Any word I have used could fit into an easy, facile, literal set of associations – mainly syntactically neat and tidy, in the form of a sentence. If I cut this process short after each word or short phrase, and make myself think (or change my level of articulation), I can stumble on a process of association infinitely deep, wide-ranging and subtle. Obviously some words will recur – when I have lost any conscious impression of their presence earlier in the script. If they do – and if, retrospectively, their contexts are compared, their significance may have expanded in many areas.

Of its essence, attempted randomness must be all-embracing. It cannot exclude any part of speech or any inflections, so it will be rich in syntactical and innuendo potential. Where verbs have volunteered themselves, they often appear in present indicative or fragmented participle forms. This phenomenon helps to feed the laborious process of composition with energy, revitalizing some substantives and qualifiers in danger of going limp. The present participle proclaims continuity: it both reflects and stimulates the mind racking itself, keeping up concentration to find the next world. The past participle gives any communication a sense of temporal ambiguity, reflecting that fact that every word has potential for flashback. It represents a further ambivalence – between the active and the passive voices. This mirrors the non-dichotomisable interplay between active and passive elements in thought and language. Written articulation is partly a filter, a passive repository, for humanity’s cumulative, collective experiences and statements. The more a writer gets lost, the more s/he finds total humanity. Where crosswords and wordgames titillate and scratch surfaces, let this work get to the earth’s core.

David Russell


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