Spinning Lies

He’s spun his webs of deceit and falsehoods
in multiple directions for whole decades
Employed accountants and publicists
Lawyers and marketers.

All to spread his lies
Till he almost believes his own spin
He tells The Truth, whilst all around is
fake News, conspiracy and spite.

His opponents try to find some deed
or other that would finish him. All lies
He’s totally innocent. Never done wrong
to anyone or anything.

See him preen himself in his glory
at the epicentre of his fantasy world
The spider at the very centre of it all
Casting his nets of falsehoods wider
and wider still.

                        Not realising
His webs have meshed together
Formed an orb-like globe around
his spin. Ensnaring him.
The trap sprung tight; his orb is shrinking as

justice teases out the threads
Multitudinous in their complicity
Knitting themselves into arraignments
A prison garb that’s made to fit
the biggest spinner of them all.




Boakesey Closs

Boakesey is a former teacher, who lives on the Isle of Man and is the current (IXth) Manx Bard. She has been published locally and in the Places of Poetry anthology, Poetry for Mental Health and is in the Lancaster Litfest Poetry Mosaic. She is a stroke survivor and is physically challenged but it does not stop her from writing.




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