St Joan Of Now Act 2

St. Joan of Now

 Act 2

 5 Acts:- Prison, Office, Train, Rouen market square , Murder


St Joan

 Gilles de Rais

 A Newsperson

 Three Prophets

 Chorus of Men and Women


Forward to Act Two


I’m not so sure I’m completely in love with these introductions. I called the first one Introduction to Act One without realising the implication that Act Two would also deserve an introduction.

 Act Two takes place in an, ordinary,  impeccably furnished, office on the Quai d’Orsay. The French and the British secret services have become notable for their sanguine attitude towards their agents. The Soviet state apparatus sharply distinguished itself by manifesting a timeless commitment to its agents. (The murderer of Trotsky, when released from long imprisonment, was honoured in the Soviet Union and awarded the consumer privileges reserved for the Celebrities of the Party.)

 If people habitually made a contious choice, the exquisite office of the French Secret Service would not be able to exist. No one will be fooled.

 What happens next, happens next. That’s showbiz.


St. Joan of Now

 Act 2 

Chorus M+W       This is the time.

                              This is the space.

                             This is the inside of your face.

M)                        This is the time

 W)                      Place {looses sync. as it fades to silence}

 Prophet 1              I’m sure the Marishal sees the snag.

 Gilles                    I’m sure he does not.

                             But I’m sure you know best.

                              You do don’t you?

 Prophet 2              Giles you promised you would not be difficult.

                               You promised.

 Gilles                    You do know best

                               Don’t you?

 Prophet 1             Are you declaring a special interest?

Gilles                    What do you mean?

Prophet 2             Will the bloody army mutiny?

 Gilles                    Yes I am declaring a special interest:

                               His Majesty gave me the Maid to guard.

                              No the army will not mutiny.

 Prophet 1             Unless it’s ordered too.

 Gilles                    Just in case you,

                             Inadvertently perhaps,

                            Cast doubts upon my loyalty

                              You will apologise.

 Prophet 2             Giles!

 Prophet 1             No! If I cast doubts on the Marshal’s loyalty

                              I should apologise.

                              In fact I will in case I did,


 Gilles                    When?

 Prophet 1             When would be convient?

 Gilles                    Oh, when you will, perhaps now?

 Prophet 1             Perhaps.

 Marshal,             I apologise.

 Prophet 3             If we send her she may stabilise the front line.

 Prophet 1             If.

 Prophet 3             She never fails.

 Gilles                    If she fails

                             You will lose two powerful friends

 Prophet 2             Giles!

 Gilles                    Not me.


                             And God.

 Prophet 1             If she succeeds the cost will be living with her.

 Gilles                    Abominable!

 Prophet 1             You say that to me.

 Gilles                    Yes. I say that to you.

 Prophet 1             You…

 Gilles                    Say on.

 Prophet 3             Enough.

 Gilles                    Say on.

 Prophet 2             Enough

Prophet 1             Say on.

Prophet 3             I say it is enough.

 Gilles                    Then ends your abominable scheme?

 Prophet 1             And your abominable ways?

 Gilles                    (stands)

 Prophet 2             Gilles!

 Prophet 1             Gilles, it makes perfect sense.

 Gilles                    Hadn’t occurred to me.

                                And my abominable ways.

 Prophet 2             Gilles how many friends have you lost.

 Gilles                    Pardon?

 Prophet 2             Good friends. True friends.

 Gilles                    Too many.

 Prophet 2             Sometimes for a yard of ground?

                               Sometimes for nothing?


Gilles                    In battle…

 Prophet 3             It will stabilise the front…

                                It’s a compromise..

 Gilles                    It’s  murder to send her. (exits)

Prophet 1             Overwrought

Prophet 3             Brilliant mind.

Prophet 1             We had better watch our backs,

Prophet 2             Drive with an eye on our rear mirrors.

Prophet 3             Guard yourselves from terrors,

                               Previously overcome.

 Prophet 1             Drive in each other’s tracks.

 Prophet 3             A  rest?

 Gilles 2                Yes… a rest

                              Would be best.

 Prophet 1             For the Martial.

 Prophet 3             And her goose cooked

 Prophet 1             Her ticket booked

 Prophet 2             To Persia or Shanghigh.

 Prophet 1             She’s not witty.

 Prophet 2             She’s not pretty.

 Prophet 3             She’s unkind.

 Prophet 1             Such a horror

 Prophet 2             As you hope you’rl never find

 Prophet 3             Between Tyre and the Straits

                               Or amongst the Triple Fates

 P 1+ P 2              That Time and misty legend left behind,

Prophet 3             That Time and misty legend left behind

Prophet 2             She is mordant

                               And she simply does not know

                               The decent moment to let go.

                               So she’d tramp along the street

                             With so much victim in her teeth

                             That she’d splatter you whilst trying to say, “Hello”.

 Prophet 1             You were cursed the moment that you crossed her path

                              Nor could charm or incantation ward the spell.

 Prophet 2             The best you can do

 Prophet 3             Is to make out that you knew

 Prophet 1             And were planning all the time to get the shaft.

 P1+P2+P3            And were planning all the time to get the shaft.

Prophet 1             Him too.

 Prophet 3             Vile pair.

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