St Joan Of Now Act V




A play in five acts by Mike Lesser

 Act V Murder
Rouen Market square.
Joan Giles and a crowd come for the burning. Soldiers. Priests.

A desert valley in the south.


Gilles                     In the war

Of the great

Upon the poor,

Where luck dies

In a land

Of sad options,

Pain is the most reliable measure of distance

Of every sort

In a land butchered to rock ribs,

Waste laid on it,

Standing by a car

Parked in the hot dust

Overlooking a desert valley

Nothing moves.

Only the killer shadows move.

 Newsperson            Left foreground,

The woman’s car.


Its not easy to get a grip on what’s going on

Going on going on.

Eyes closed is high risk on the motor way

But if you look

Its so strange and confusing

You don’t see much

And you get your brain done in.

 Chorus Women          They say she lost control.

 Newsperson                  They say,


 Chorus Women          Perhaps

Newsperson                 Her plastic sandals’


In the heat.

 Chorus Women          They say

It was her fault.

Chorus Men                    Her fault.

 Newsperson                    Right foreground,


The woman.

Chorus Men                    The woman.

 Newsperson                    Background,

In brown herring-bone patterned suits,

With rifles,

A line of secret service men.

 Prophet 1                          They do not know geometry.

Gilles                                   They do not understand

For instance,

 Prophet 2                            That their distance from the hinge point

 Newsperson                        Times the bullet’s weight,

In grams,

 Prophet 3                           Is exactly equal to



Gilles          From the woman’s state of mind.





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