Stonehenge ’85

Stonehenge for the People!

STONEHENGE ’85 – Souvenir Issue
Includes first-hand accounts from The Battle of the Beanfield, June 1st 1985
Edited by Sheila Craig
32 pages, A5 booklet
Published June 1986

“The newspapers described it as a ‘battle’, we experienced it as an attack. Of course in one sense it was a battle, of ideas, ideology, but Rainbow Warriors are warriors of the spirit and do not carry arms. We went, in our vehicles with our homes on our backs. And we didn’t just take our families/our animals/our beds/our books/our clothes/ our pots and pans, we took with us the warm fires, leafy hedgerows, smokey logs crackling under the stars.

“For Stonehenge is more than a festival, it’s a way of life, a celebration of a way of living all year round. For many it’s as much a part of the annual cycle as solstice is to summer. Is it really possible to stop the solstice sunrise?

“Afterwards, to add insult to injury … the police confiscated our axes and saws and other domestic implements saying they were dangerous weapons, though it seems symbolic of the way in which the authorities are trying to undermine the survival of the travelling movement which, behind the “dirty hippies” propaganda, they find politically threatening.

“Well, we never got our axes back, or our saws, but we still have the stars, the hedgerows and the crackling log fires …”


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Beanfield photo by Alan Lodge



Nick Mann

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    1. Just one of the reasons I would never vote for the Tories, shameful.

      Comment by Neil Houlton on 4 March, 2023 at 8:15 pm

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