Stop Illegal Animal Abuse On Factory Farms

Stop Illegal Animal Abuse On Factory Farms


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Shocking Statistics of the Animal Agriculture Industry

of cows are lame in the UK dairy industry
of UK farms routinely dock pig’s tails
64 million
chickens die on farm annually in the UK


Animals Need Your Help

Farms and slaughterhouses in the UK currently do not require any form of registration or licensing to operate. This is a clear oversight and it leaves animals vulnerable to further exploitation and illegal abuse and neglect.

Our investigation, alongside The Animal Law Foundation, discovered that fewer than 3% of the UK farms are inspected each year on average. And just half of complaints made against farms in the UK are investigated. When wrongdoing is found, animal abusers often receive little more than a written caution.

The situation is clear. Animal protection laws are being broken time and time again and the Government is failing to stop it.

Animal Equality is urging the Government to enforce existing laws and prosecute those who abuse animals.

Sign now to take action for farmed animals!


You have the power to help animals every day. Every plant-based meal you eat saves animals from a life of misery in factory farms across the UK.

You can join millions of people who have already started their plant-based journey.

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Progress So Far

Political Support

Animal Equality UK and The Animal Law Foundation launched a comprehensive, first-of-its-kind report detailing the ‘Enforcement Problem’ at a Parliamentary event in 2022.

The Parliamentary event was attended by MPs, Government officials, experts in animal law and animal welfare, and representatives of animal protection organisations including Animal Aid, The Humane League, Animal Ask and Open Cages.

Sir Roger Gale MP hosted the event with Animal Equality and gave one of the opening speeches. British actor and animal activist Peter Egan also gave a moving speech, urging politicians to act.

In 2023, Animal Equality published a new report outlining a new licensing system as one solution to the enforcement problem. The report also calls for subsidies to be provided to farmers to transition away from animal farming entirely.

Public Support

Over 125,000 people have signed our petition and joined us in demanding that the UK Government holds animal abusers accountable.

Among these voices are famous faces including British comedian and star of Netflix’s After Life Diane Morgan. Diane has urged fellow animal lovers to join the campaign in a video produced with Animal Equality.

Respected TV doctor Amir Khan, known for his work on ITV’s Lorraine and Good Morning Britain, also voiced his support for our campaign. He wrote a thought-provoking opinion piece, featured in The Independent, highlighting the need for illegal animal abuse to be detected and punished.

In June 2023, we delivered 120,000+ of your petition signatures to the Prime Minister and held a demonstration at Downing Street with Diane Morgan, animal protection experts and our supporters.


of UK farms inspected each year
of complaints lead to an inspection
of farms prosecuted following an initial complaint

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2 Responses to Stop Illegal Animal Abuse On Factory Farms

    1. Thank you so much for posting this. We have an Animal Welfare Act, and it’s not being enforced at all! These abominable atrocities against our fellow beings have got to stop, and we are each responsible for making that happen.

      Comment by Heidi Stephenson on 25 January, 2024 at 11:42 am
    2. Again, thank you for posting this. Whether or not you eat meat, there’s no way this is acceptable in a supposedly civilised country. I am commenting so that a link remains for a while in the comments section. As many people as possible should sign to stop this barbarity.

      Comment by Mark Greener on 2 February, 2024 at 9:00 am

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