Street writer part sixteen – The Great End


Now we reach the end of take 2 of the street writer column.

I’m not sure if there will be more after this one.

So I thought I would call this one ‘The Great End’ and leave a little wisdom.

Well, some so-called wisdom ha ha.

I’m not a philosopher or a prophet by any means, modes or the way but… HERE WE GO!

When you start off a piece (a poem, a story, a film or even an article) the main aim is to have that Great End!

The beginning can start off whatever way you want it to.

For the middle… you can basically talk about whatever bullshit you please.

But, that end line has to be perfect.

That end line is what everybody takes away with them after they’ve read it.

They take it into their private and personal and creative lives.

That end line is what every writer should live for…

For example: everyone loves to begin a book, by the time they get to the middle it’s like being in limbo but… everyone (and I mean everyone) loves to end that book to give them the self-satisfaction they completed it and they got something from it.

Especially the end line…

It took me a hell of a long time to figure this out (mainly as a poet).

When I did find it out I was complimented by a local and seasoned poet in Belfast called Colin Dardis who said ‘Jesus man your poetry has come a long way’ and I replied ‘I found out it is all about the last line.’

I guess that is about the one and only so-called piece of wisdom I have found throughout my REAL writing career that has been going on for almost 7 years.

Again, I am no philosopher, prophet, saint or a god but…

What I have truly found throughout these several years is: if your work is strong enough, it will stand all on its own and say something more than you could ever explain it.

For me, honestly, that is where I get most of my delight.

It’s like a little silent voice.

Almost like a god.

Like the one we know now (but that could change in good time).

I have two poems in store for this last article.

‘a good last line’ and ‘judge like a poet’s last line’





A good last line


The last line

A good last line

For the writer

Is a melodic ending

For his story

But it is

A brand new start

For them


Judge like a poet’s last line


That man

That woman

You look at

And you’re disgusted

They have good hearts

As a local alcoholic

Waves out a lorry

Onto an empty road

With his girlfriend

Who is twenty years younger than him

Or the man

Who smokes a cigarette

In a mild sun

After his first pint

He would kill for his family

Out of loyalty

Or the fat chick you think is ugly

Or the screaming child

You think needs discipline

They have all lived on greener grass once

So before you are judged

By what you have judged

By your god on your deathbed


Think or do something more omnipotent

When you meet them the next time

Judge them

Like a poets last line



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