Street Writer – Philosophical fables part four




If it is rubbish
Forget about it

Take glory in what did work

Work on it consistently
If it needs work

Send it off constantly
Through the right channels

Create abundantly
While staying straight with your god in your process

And when there is nothing going on
Then do fucking NOTHING


In this last section of the Philosophical Fables for the Street Writer column I am going elaborate on a few ideas I had for potential articles.

So, let’s just spit out some ideas on some subjects about art and life ha ha!


(Potential article ideas)


.We don’t understand life but it doesn’t stop us from living it –

I love this idea because it is so true! I came up with this saying after having a chat with my father in his car. He was talking down to me about the content of my poetry! He said to me ‘why do you always have to talk about sex in your work son?’ I replied ‘do you like Eminem dad?’ ‘Yeah I do, why?’ ‘He talks a lot about sex and he can be even more obscene than me, so what is the difference with me?’ he didn’t speak for a minute and I broke the silence with this ‘dad, do you enjoy life?’ ‘Yes, of course I do.’ ‘Well, we don’t understand life but we still live it anyways.’ He didn’t speak back to me and he dropped me off!


.No theory is wrong and no theory is right. Theories can always be broken for a new one. A theory is just an individual idea. They are all acceptable. (Life, death, love, art)…

This idea is just a personal one for me. Basically I think everyone has a theory about life, love, art and death and I don’t think any of it is right or wrong because theories are being made and broken every day. So, you just have to figure out your own theory behind all of this… but all I can say is this: just be sure it is done and executed with a soft and good heart!


.Learn a trade – I was avant-garde – waiter – shop assistant – school education – art of conversation – writer – painter – drummer – actor – martial artist – skater.

I think all we are here for is to learn a trade and contribute that trade (or your gift if you like) and give that back to the people in your life so it will make this life a bit easier on you and society! We all have a role to play!


.Contribution – no matter what way you go about it – on benefits or working a real job – as long as you are contributing something to the world – I like to entertain others with humour and depth… others are committed to sharing love – make sure you are doing it.

This idea kinda combines with the ‘learn a trade idea’… but all that matters is that you are constantly and consistently doing it no matter how you start it – a job or no job – or on your own or with a partner etc etc etc. Just make sure you START!


.A steady ride – after a long journey and you get back home – you don’t want to go too fast and you don’t want to go too slow – and like life – go steady and smooth.

This idea is mainly about balance! This life is harsh enough as it is and you just want to make it a steady and smooth ride. Never go too fast or too slow! Just go with the flow, because we are all heading in the same direction. So, make it a beautiful one for everyone and everything around you, because we all know there are enough arseholes out there that are going to fuck it all up for us if we let them!


.Not one of us on this planet understands what life really is, but it does not stop us from living within it. Sometimes things have no meaning and can’t be understood.

This kinda steps on the toes on the first idea I wrote about it… but sometimes things have no meaning and can’t be understood. So, make your peace with that. Maybe when we’re not here it might make sense… but that’s not a guarantee! But again, that theory could be broken in the future and we will have new divine eyes and new ideas! Who knows?


.The GREAT end!!!! –

When it comes to your life and your art as a writer I believe the only thing that matters is how you end it – it has to be profoundly great! I always get complimented on the last lines of my poems and other stories! Critics always say ‘I love the way you started it and the way you ended it.’ I always like a good start, I don’t necessarily care what I talk about in the middle, but I always have to leave them with a great line at the end so they can take that home with them!


End prayer


A dream well lived


You placed it upon yourself

To be the gentleman and the poet

The greatness may never come to fruition

All that matters to the poet

Is sitting in front of the page

All that matters to the gentleman

Is to force out the love when he has no love

Even if the work is not published

Even if the love is not received back

He will still live it

Like the rest of them before him

Who were not celebrated globally

And went unnoticed to many hearts and minds

And he will end it

As empty as his coffee cup

And finished cigarette

With no breath left to live

Only the memories of a dream well lived


Last note:

I started this article with a poem/prayer and I have ended it with it another. I thought I would change it up a little. Hopefully you enjoyed this section of the Street Writer column and it will continue with another section – maybe… all about LOVE!






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