Sui Generis

Openings, droplets, simmered cans.
Flask of last day’s coffee
Liquidated glassed, a wasted potential
Fractured skin under the unicorn roof
Nomadic prehistoric, an escapist sip.
Turn and swirl around
Ocean’s high floor
Games of trapeze and
Youths of have been, could have been.

Country house
burnt cottages, ragged doll
A great ruin before times scalpel
Drooling over greatness
The brightest star shadowed in isolation
Perky whistle around
Little threats
Falling asleep
Liquidated coffee.

Morning stalkings
The light still slips on
Cottaged cages armored whales tipsy soldiers.
Kings men crossroads great wars
Lonely maidens Ruth’s cry modern haiku
The blunted hell fire epic and episodes
Borns out of a sudden sodden movements
Words wear crowns it is ruthlessly kingly.

The brightest stars burns.
Liquidated coffee wasted minds
Still, Words have wings to crowns.
High altered, religious freedom
Question inquiry unlearn traditional music
Still writing cosplay drum telekinesis psychic abilities
A hinge of long time
Many facets it holds mountains and oceans withim it’s spree
A giant cosmic rundown
Five elements intergalactic forces within
Who said it was a wasted flow?
It holds life force.
Makes time out of space
An authored crown, words kingly kinetic
Claims her own
Sui generis.





Sayani Mukherjee




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