A cluster of stars in your coffee.
Diane Di Prima’s Lillith
on your palms.
Just another regular madness
of an angry chick who’s
writing poems
between lettuce leaves,
broken hopes
and tarot cards.
Just another regular madness.
The curse
of a week,
that week
a week ago
while you were still
someone I was searching for.

Dharma Rain Jazz

Pic: Nick Victor

Poem translated from Croatian by Dharma Rain Jazz, aka Jasmina Šušić


Jasmina Šušić was born in 1986, Croatia, Europe. Her first poetry book, Nebo boje peperminta (Peppermint colored skies) was published in 2010 by a small underground publishing house in Belgrade, Serbia. Her second book, Osjecam se kao space shuttle (I feel like space shuttle) was published in 2012 in Croatia. She has been published in various magazines, poetry anthologies and internet websites in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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