Surgery Operation

Surgery Operation


Surgery Operation
a found poem, received as spam email

Greetings, I hope you are fine and sorry for not writing
you before leaving to Liberia to help with my family
that she was diagnosed with blood and X-Rays showing
an ‘incidental finding’ of tumors in her liver to appear to be

Surgery Operation. The news of her illness arrived to me
as emergency that needs family support to keep her I pray
in the ongoing. But I got the robbery problem on my way,
my credit card, cash and valuables things are vanish, suddenly,

and now the hospital manager he is demand of a deposit of more
than 20,000 Euros before they carry out the Surgery Operation
to save his life. Please if you can assist me with a soft donation

of 20,000 Dollars for banks to make the needy arrangement before
she died here? I did not take along my phone and it is currently
switched off. I promise to pay you back when I return to my city…

Andy Brown
illustration Nick Victor

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