Surveillance, Sedition and Shelley

Turn up and roll up (if you must) for this fine and stimulating evening with all the people named on the poster (except Shelly of course, who will be there in spirit).   Find out about how sedition and surveillance have contemporary resonance with the great poet through Richard Bradbury’s new play, Lynton.  Learn about the self-surveillance of artist Roelof Bakker, and what a dodgy artist Salvador Dali was Jan Woolf’s short story Tell not Show, read by Peter Wight.  Fabulous actors – in hypothetical order – are named here.  Order a decent takeaway for 7pm on Saturday 27th and enjoy an hour of intellectual stimulation, activist insight,  and stuff you never knew about. 


Text: Jan Woolf
Artwork: Dave Gilchrist at Bookmarks Bookshop.

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