Has Kyle defiled human worth?

Clearly, the tone has been lowered.

When reducing people down to dull fluids,

Death, unfortunately fills its cup.


That sense of exposure, false pride

And almost playground form of dissention

Can manifest at some moment in a host’s

Empirical glaze, blind to trust.


A thumbs up, or thumbs down,

When signalled to a sensationalised public

Can wreck the private, as soon as

An insensible world starts to break.


This American trend has not helped.

Nor these rating fuelled new religions,

In which God’s in the green room

(Where once the paedos paraded)


Temptation surrounded, and helping

Itself to the cakes.

Human weakness


Beats all. It runs beneath stolen power.

False Prophets stumble.

As truth’s flavour sours

Human need forsakes taste.





David Erdos 15th May 2019



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