That Other Creature

I’m that other creature
Looking at what was not there before
Every step not seen
Every other eye
Staring at me or averted

Carefree, younger, climbing trees,
Jumping down to you
Now shuffling my feet, balancing,
So I won’t tip and fall
Oh! Let me be a caterpillar!
Stable and sedate
Munching, turning over a new leaf,
See another side

There’s the young boys
Jostling, skipping, laughing
A lady dodging traffic,
Glued to her tempting mobile

A blind man clearing the pavement
With his white cane
As I step on the bus,
Debating which leg to lift

Yesterday, last week, last year, the beginning
The wheels that turned so slowly then
Spun faster, faster, sudden pain breaking reverie
Flashing blue lights, sirens wailing
To the sanctuary

Today I’m floating like a butterfly
Stitched together once more,
Alive so gratefully
Asleep beneath the soft white duvet
While you pitter-patter all around,
Looking after me



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