The Abduction of the Sleeping Prime Minister

 Deliver! Deliver! Deliver! – the mantra she used to get elected by just few thousand Tory hard liners still pining for Thatcher.  And so she is the Primed Minister – for the richest of the establishment before they lose the next election as they surely must. There are millions more people who suffer at the hands of her government.  British artists can no longer turn their back on the irony of it, and this new and fine painting by Jowonder, sets an imaginative cat among the pigeons. 
In the spirit of our wonderful satirist painter William Hogarth, the painting speaks for itself.  Jowonder has made prints from the painting. Giclée A4 signed by the artist and on German Etching paper.  You can contact her via the contact form on her
Jan Woolf
Art: Jowonder
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One Response to The Abduction of the Sleeping Prime Minister

    1. “Let’s get them removed!”

      …A table-turning, rallying call to end the big CON, surely.

      Comment by Heidi Stephenson on 6 October, 2022 at 3:50 pm

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