The Cassandra Schedule


Premonitions are all very well after the fact. Everybody knew it was coming, knew it was going to happen, and could have described exactly how it would all pan out, if only someone had been willing to listen instead of thinking they had all the angles covered. Now, show us just how it happened. Show us the scars, show us the bodies piled high, then show us ads for mediums and mountebanks, for a better life through paranormal enquiry. Now, show us the close-ups and the forensics. Show us the dreamlike patchwork of grainy CCTV that always heralds trauma. Show us the witnesses with stolen voices, gesturing like cast bones as they mine the collective unconscious in order to mime the inevitable. Show us the lack of possible alternative outcomes. Everybody knows what’s coming, but no one wants to speak. No one wants to listen.



Oz Hardwick
Picture Nick Victor






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