The Charlatan



Mutually depletive, inimitably radical.

Race favour, consumptive ravaging.

Masonic convention, displacement passion.

Wild metaphor, discombobulated multiplicity.

Double desire, darkened reading.

Candle gloaming, lunatic moans.

Attic imprisonment, perpetual protection.

Goblin hoarders, vampiric sleight.

Mesmeric acumen, Frankenstein: monster.

Ghastly domesticity, discursive patents.

Table clatter, spirit bell.

Reliable madmen, indefatigable other.

Martial derailment, knitted bones.

Splendid scandal, unwitting clone.

Germ plantation, inescapable horror.

Back peddler, farthing whistler.

Cobblestone coffin, ineffable medium.

Yesterday’s dungeon, tomorrow’s dread-affliction.


Greg Fiddament
Illustration Nick Victor

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