The Circle Line

love peace


In the patterns of the circles
in the drawings on the floor
in the minds of everyone
The sirens rang once more
as we pranced and danced about
before the dark beast searched us out
In the dub excursion
the Druids felt annoyed
By the Mayan culture, 
the Stones and the Floyd 
The guitar poets and diplomats
New age dawning for slinky cats
Been out dancing and drinking,
kissing and fooling around 
down in clubland in seedy London town, 
Different perspectives to illustrate the truth
That representation meant impression for the feel
Of the spirits of nature
One part of the whole
Truth. What were they like
The exploitation scene
More sensitivity to the situation
Closer examination of the people
Love the love that is around
Please pretty policeman can´t you see
That what you take the thief wouldn´t steal
What am i doing living in this crazy city
Where we live in such iniquity
And the natty dread skank down by the river bank
Love your brother my friend love your sister
And on and on the different version change
The artist saw the shit 
Build up and even when he draw it
Unconscious we would still 
See the spirit of these times
Burst through the darkness 
In the sunrise of your heart


Stephen Summers
Picture Quotation: Jimi Hendrix



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