Adorno Media
Published on 11 Jun 2019

A young journalist interviews the UK’s new, corrupt Prime Minister.

“No Collusion” is a short film created by Adorno Media. All events and characters depicted herein are fictional.


Anna Bailey as June Welsh
Richard Oliver as Prime Minister Dave Eldric
Robert Paterson as Greg
George Miaris as vox pop contributor
Emma Young as Sue
Tom Mackintosh as Jimmy
James Walker as Celludine commercial voice

Directed by James Walker
Written by Tom Mackintosh
Produced by Tom Mackintosh
Production Manager – Beth Farrell
Casting director – Beth Hannon
DOP – Didzis Starastins
Storyboard artist – Cong Nguyen
Costume designer – Lorna Black
1st Assistant Director – Tomas Manchester
Production sound mixer – Steve Cummings
Sound assistant – Matthew Watson
Steadicam operator – Will Lyte
Steadicam operator – Samual Fitzjohn
Camera assistant – Vladimir Bilenjki
Production assistant – Chaim Max
Film editor – James Walker
Sound designer- Mark Edmondson
Musical score composition – Zoe Kent
Visual effects supervisor – James Walker
Graphic designer – Andrew Clarke
Special thanks to Drew Hancock

Contact – [email protected]

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